Welcome to Indian Creek Tattoo


Indian Creek Tattoo is a family run tattoo studio, located on the corner of 71st and Indian Creek Drive in Miami Beach, 5 Blocks from Collins Avenue. We offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a focus on the creative process of your tattoo.


Miki Foged began his tattoo career in 1997 in NYC. A graffiti writer turned tattoer, he is a family man and artist, who splits his time between tattooing and fine art work.


Miki believes in providing an exceptional standard of honest, professional service and has a solid reputation that reflects these values. A skilled freehand artist with a keen eye for all styles ranging from Japanese tattoos, Custom Lettering, Traditional, Black and Gray, and Tribal, but no matter what the customer's specifications are, you can be sure Miki will produce a quality piece of custom tattoo work.


Please remember that it takes time to create a unique idea, it most be thought out and designed. Due to the nature of the work, appointment delays can happen for many reasons. We will notify you as soon as you arrive should Miki be running slightly behind schedule.



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